tfp-shooting with my  colleague Brigitte Long | photographer: Peter Atkins | shooting date: 1/2010



shooting for a german pharmacy magazine | photographer: Martin Ley | client: Wort & Bild Verlag | location: Munich | shooting date: 26.8.2009

It’s Karajan’s Birthday today!

The countdown of the film premiere on 3sat on Saturday!  narrated by the wonderful Senta Berger.

Made by Moonlake Entertainment and a fantastic team „Karajan“: Brigitte Wettstein, Silvia Hofer, Stefano Cannelloni, Thomas Schweighofer, Thomas Schorn, Martin Loecker, Guenther Mitterhuber, Matthias Röder, Henry Ladewig, Ursula Schirlbauer, Staatskapelle Dresden, Christian Ohlenroth, Christian Thielemann, Osterfestspiele Salzburg/Salzburg Easter Festival, Alexander Schneider-Siemssen




The Maestro and his festival: Teaser for a film by Hannes M. Schalle about the world’s best known conductor Herbert von Karajan and his very personal legacy, the Salzburg Easter Festival. In 2017 the Easter Festival will be staging Richard Wagner’s opera “Valkyrie” as a reconstructed performance of its 1967 original. The film is going to be released during the Easter Festival 2017 and the first television showing can be seen on 3sat on 8.4.2017, 8:15 pm.

Produced by: Moonlake Entertainment | Filmdirector: Hannes M. Schalle | Director of photography: Thomas Schweighofer | Location: Anif/Salzburg | shooting date: 4.3.2017